Cut Labels

Our original Cut Address Labels are hand set and come individually cut. The pre-cut Labels are available in two standard sizes of 19mm x 40mm and 32mm x 63mm. Now available in packs as little as 500 labels, ranging right up to 5,000+.

Label colours and finishes are available in white, gold, silver or clear with a choice of Block, Script, Comic Sans or Times text. All of our labels are printed in black ink our, with our standard style of centering all text.


What sizes do pre-cut labels come in?

Our Pre-Cut Labels can be purchased in a size of 19x40mm. However, if you feel like you may need a label slightly bigger then you can also purchase in a size of 32x63mm.

Are cut labels customisable?

Our Cut Labels are available to be personalised up to 25 characters per line if so needed. Six lines of personalisation are available to those looking to buy 19x40mm labels, however if that's not enough, then our 32x63mm labels can be personalised with up to eight lines.

What are the benefits of pre-cut labels?

The main benefit of our Pre-Cut Labels is that the hassle of writing out your address for each letter is completely gone, as your labels have personalisation options available. Another benefit is the ease of use with our labels, as it is as simple as peeling a label off of the backing paper and carefully applying it to your letter.

Do you offer other label finishes?

If our Cut to Single Labels aren't quite what you are looking for, then we also offer our labels in forms of A4 Sheets, Rolls, and also Blank Sheets, giving you a wide variety of choices available.

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14 Item(s)

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