Luggage Straps

Personalised Suitcase & Luggage Straps

Always second guessing which bag is yours at the airport? Or maybe you just want to make everyone smile at the baggage carousel.

Make sure you always know which case is yours by wrapping it with one of our eye-catching and practical luggage straps. Our selective range of personalised luggage straps are available in red with white lettering.

Tailor your strap with or without a cheery holiday logo to create a custom elastic luggage strap , the perfect solution for your hand or carry-on luggage.

There is no excuse not to get some for all the family, just don’t forget your personalised T-shirts for your fun in the sun.


Are your luggage and suitcase straps fully personalisable?

Yes! At Able Labels, your can personalise your luggage strap with up to 40 characters (including spaces and punctuation), so you know which set of luggage is yours. For the TSA Approved Luggage Straps, you can personalise up to 15 characters (including spaces and punctuation).

What does it mean for a luggage strap to be TSA Approved?

A luggage strap that is TSA Approved contains a combination lock which can be opened by a TSA agent, if they are suspicious of anything they see on the scanner when going through security.

What size suitcase and baggage do the straps fit?

Our Personalised Luggage Straps measure at 30mm in height, and 1.62m in length, whereas our Personalised TSA Approved Luggage Straps measure at 50mm in height, and 1.8m in length. Both of these straps will fit comfortably onto most luggage, however if you are looking for something on the bigger side, we would recommend a TSA Approved Luggage Strap.

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